Publishing House

«SOVA» Publishing House issues periodicals and occasional publications. We love what we do and know how to do it best, so we can offer services appropriate to the client’s needs. We believe achieving the desired outcome is important regardless of the size of a print run – whether it will be 20 or 20 000 copies. We endeavor to meet the client’s needs and set reasonable deadline differentiated prices.  Our specialists are always ready to answer any and all your questions and offer the solution that will best embody an idea.

We position ourselves as a company that provides full-cycle of publishing services, so we undertake responsibility for devising and accomplishing any publishing task: starting from typesetting up to product promotion. However, we can also accomplish any particular task, for example, to make a layout of business editions or print them. We offer ordinary replication services and client-tailored premium-class artistic printing by using high-tech materials (paper design), make unique binder covers and those with an impressed relief that is stamped into, etc. Well-arranged logistics allows us to set deadlines for fulfilling all steps of a production cycle.

A suite of services we offer:

  • developing the concept of an edition, selection of topics;
  • translation;
  • reprint;
  • proofreading, editing, typesetting;
  • developing designs: both separate elements and the edition as a whole;
  • illustrations: retouching, color correction;
  • making the layout;
  • printing books, periodicals;
  • legal support: assigning an ISBN, UDC, LBC; distribution of obligatory presentation copies.

To know what the price of services will be, please send an e-mail enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or get in touch with us any convenient way (see Contacts).