Security Service

SOVA Security Service is your reliable partner in the field of security.

Sooner or later each owner of a company starts thinking about the importance and necessity to embed the systems of control, risk management and asset protection.

If you are aware it is high time to ensure safety and security of the company's business processes and need assistance, please get in touch with our experts.  

We employ up-to-the-minute technologies and best practices enabling to achieve estimated outcomes and even surpass all expectations.

We continuously improve the quality of our services; our highly skilled experts apply a comprehensive approach in dealing with security issues.

Services we offer cover:

  • auditing the security system of an enterprise, security consulting services;
  • physical security of property and facilities regardless of a form of business ownership;
  • security and escort services for individuals;
  • installation of intrusion alarm systems, automatic devices and equipment;
  • installation of video surveillance systems;
  • installation of access control systems, employee work time tracking;
  • guarantees and after-sales services for low-current systems;
  • remotely access live monitoring of business processes through cameras of the video surveillance system (surveillance console).