Audit Company

Аудиторська фірмаAccording to the Ukrainian legislation a majority of companies are obligated to undergo mandatory audit checks, some other chose voluntary audit. A leader learnt through sad experience yet governed by business considerations rather than legislative requirements believes an audit to be obligatory, inasmuch as it helps diagnose business efficiency. Shortcomings, errors might occur at any work. Pressing problems, emerging meaningful matters should be handled timely. Any audit is a mirror that reflects efficiency of financial, accounting and legal processes that will bring to light «dormant», hidden problems in due time. Once you take the initiative to carry out an audit with our specialists, you’ll have a chance to appreciate the value of analytical data got.
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Accounting Company

Бухгалтерська фірмаThe company’s viability – how long it stays profitable, depends on professionalism of accounting specialists.
So it’s extremely important that those who do this job be competent and responsible. The responsibility comes and is given strongly depending on the employee’s ability to promptly assess an issue arisen and make reasonable decisions of varying importance, to find a solution with minimum delays and loss of energy, so it is not the scope of information that matters. Our accountants are never «got sick» or «gone away for a holiday», and our well-arranged system of client support services is unfailing.
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Outsourcing Company

Аутсорсінгова фірмаSOVA Outsourcing can ensure making a high quality HR recordkeeping, accounting and tax bookkeeping applying an individual approach to each client. The company was founded in 2009 and has acquired a reputation of a reliable, dependable and successful partner, what is proved by viability and robust position the company has maintained over the years in the market, you may also look through a list of our partners available on the website. Competitiveness, professionalism and continuous pursuit, development enable increasing a number of company’s clients.
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Attorneys Association

Competence, expertise, high quality and confidentiality are constituents of our business strategy. SOVA Attorneys at Law is a team of experienced lawyers, proud of the traditions of advocacy, best law and legal practices. All our attorneys have successfully handled a dozen of cases the reference list of cases proves.
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Forensic Experts Bureau

Our specialists will carry out investigation and come to an impartial conclusion.
Legal investigation as one of the legal tools plays a crucial role in fact finding and ascertaining the truth in civil, arbitration, criminal and administrative proceedings. "SOVA" Ukrainian Independent Scientific Research Bureau of Legal Experts makes an independent legal enquiry and investigations of financial fraud.
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Publishing house

A house without books is like a room without windows.
SOVA Publishing House issues periodicals and occasional publications. We love what we do and know how to do it best, so we can offer printing services appropriate to the client’s needs. We believe achieving the desired outcome is important regardless of the size of a print run – whether it will be 20 or 20 000 copies. We endeavor to meet the client’s needs and set reasonable deadline differentiated prices.
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Ads Bank

It is commonly known that only Mint can make money without ads!
The tougher the competition the more professional your ad should be; it is advertising that is regarded to be indispensable inasmuch it helps inform customers about things they cannot live without. SOVA’s Ads B@nk provides expert assistance in designing and making promotional products.
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The phrase «If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it» – is not about us.
The core objective of SOVA IT specialists is providing IT services and technical support to all units of the SOVA Group and its clients. Over years our specialists have tackled complicated yet interesting tasks embracing sundry activities and fields, what has given incessant advances and helped gain invaluable experience.
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Security Service

Security is a process, not a product.
Sooner or later each owner of a company starts thinking about the importance and necessity to embed the systems of control, risk management and asset protection. If you are aware it is high time to ensure safety and security of the company's business processes and need assistance, please get in touch with our experts. We employ up-to-the-minute technologies and best practices enabling to achieve estimated outcomes and even surpass all expectations.
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