Accounting company

SOVA International Audit Group is an accounting company that has been rendering relevant services in the market for quite a number of years and has carved out the reputation as a reliable, skilled and successful partner.  Our professional staff can provide services in accounting covering any field of business, execute documents involving different taxation systems, do it timely and with a high quality.   

A chief accountant individually assigned will fully maintain accounting records of your company.  In rendering accounting services our company undertakes to act actually as chief accountant.  Pursuant to the contractual terms and conditions we incur a liability for drafting and maintaining accounting records and financial reports. A free on-site expertise, i.e. assessment of legal, accounting and financial standing of a company, is held with the view to defining the scope of work, and accordingly the composition of a team of required specialists. Accounting experts of the company can help you solve, if necessary, complicated issues of commencing and running business.

SOVA International Audit Group’ services are as follows:

  • comprehensive accounting services rendered on a regular basis, inclusive of handling all source documents, keeping accounting records and preparing financial reporting, accounting statements/tax returns;
  • arrangement, embedding of accounting procedures, and reconstruction of financial records “from scratch”;
  • developing a program for accounting policy;
  • handling of source documents given by a client to be further scrutinized and used for preparing financial statements and tax returns.

Accounting recordkeeping and accounting services are provided on a regular basis. If you choose accounting services we render, you can be sure that all requisite forms of ether accounting or tax reporting will be filled out completely and submitted in time. We’ll gladly consider widening a range of services, if necessary.

A service agreement concluded with a company will be sufficient enough to start rendering high-end accounting services.

The company was created to meet needs of SME businesses for up-to-date accounting and tax reporting services encompassing also expertise in keeping tracks of financial and business operations, and do it within the legislation framework taking into consideration numerous and ambiguous amendments. The company’s managerial staff and experts use their best efforts to respond to the needs of the most exacting clients. We apply a system approach owing to which we get high quality outcomes ensuing from proper embedding of the internal audit standards and instructions. The company founders and staff members have gained extensive experience in accounting field. Our long-standing clients are convincing evidence of the company’s credibility and professionalism; otherwise they haven’t stayed too long.

We follow the “all-inclusive” principle – no extra costs. Our field of expertise is setting up and keeping track of accounting records “from scratch” or for any period during which the company has run its business; if required, we can make and keep records per segment. Our specialists can also reconstruct your accounting records starting from any date or for any period of a business; furthermore, draft and submit tax return reports, help your company prepare for tax audits.