Attorneys Association

SOVA Attorneys Association is a team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists proud of the traditions of advocacy, best law and legal practices.

All our attorneys have successfully handled a dozen of cases the reference list of cases proves.

Our specialization: to handle cases involving tax law, commercial law, corporate law, civil law, inheritance and succession law, family law, land entitlement, housing law, employment and labor law, as well as administrative and criminal laws.

Expertise, quality and confidentiality are embodied in the SOVA Attorneys Association’s strategy.

Offers services

Tax law cases:

  • legal advice on tax inspection;
  • appealing against decisions of tax authorities;
  • comprehensive legal services while handling tax evasion cases.


  • filing and negotiating claims, pretrial dispute resolution;
  • cases involving criminal law, civil law, commercial and administrative laws;
  • debt collection on a note;
  • loan disputes, insurance coverage disputes;
  • inheritance and succession disputes, family disputes, land related disputes, housing disputes;
  • employment and labor disputes;
  • road traffic accident claims;
  • bankruptcy litigation;
  • European Court of Human Rights;
  • International Commercial Arbitration.

Corporate matters:

  • registration/liquidation of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs;
  • entering changes to the constituent documents;
  • full range of legal services in business related matters;
  • obtaining permits/licenses;
  • contractual work.