SOVA Group of Companies was founded in 2004.

President - Vladimir Ivankov.

Vladimir Ivankov – Founder, Chair of the SOVA Group of Companies, President of the Court of Arbitration, an auditor, legal expert, member of the Ukrainian Association of Auditors, member of the Ukrainian Association of Legal Experts.

SOVA Group of Companies provides, audit, accounting, taxation services, gives administrative and legal advice on management accounting and other business issues. Our highly skilled staff whose expertise is in such areas as law, accounting, finance and commerce is leading specialists at audit firms and fiscal authorities.

An individual approach we apply to every client is our core strategy proven over the years. We can accomplish any tasks; moreover, we have ready-made solutions to most of them.

We’ll help you focus on governance and business development by tackling a host of issues related to keeping accounting and tax records.

SOVA Group of Companies builds trust with customers and keeps their information strictly confidential.

We’ll do our best to efficiently protect your interests!