Quality control

Our company has devised, approved and embedded Company’s Standards on Internal Quality Control.

These standards are designed to:

  • enable rendering of high quality audit services;
  • facilitate the introduction of up-to-date science innovations to the audit practice;
  • ensure the interconnection of all components of the audit process.

Each member of the company firmly adheres to the Company’s Standards using them in practice.

In March 2011 SOVA Audit Firm successfully passed the external audit of the quality control system carried out by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine pursuant to the Law of Ukraine On Audit Activities dd.22.04.1993 № 3125-ХII, and Regulations on External Audits of Quality Control Systems Applied by Audit Firms and Auditors, endorsed by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine dd. 23.04.2009 № 201/4.

The results of external audit confirm that the quality control system embedded by SOVA Audit Firm:

  • is in place and being continuously improved;
  • meets the requirements of:
    • International Standard on Quality Control 1 - Quality Control for Firms That Perform Audit and Reviews of Historical Financial Information, and Other Assurance and Related Service Engagements, issued by IAASB;
    • МСА 220 Quality Control for Audits of Historical Financial Information, issued by IAASB;
    • Regulation on National Best Practices Relating to Audit Quality Control 1 – Set-up of Quality Control System by Audit Firms and Auditors, endorsed by ACU №182/4 of 27.09.2007.
  • ensures, with reasonable confidence, that both the firm and its staff follow:
    • International Standards on Auditing, Assurance Engagements and Ethics;
    • Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants;
    • Legislative and regulatory requirements that govern audit activity, with conclusions (reports) prepared by the firm meeting the stipulations of the engagement.

Certificate on Compliance of Quality Management System № 0119 was issued by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine (according to the decision passed by ACU of May 26, 2011 №231/6).

O.V.Zhogova is assigned the responsibility for performing internal quality control in the company, tel. (044)-501-02-01.

SOVA Audit Firm’s system for safe and secure keeping of audit documentation and other confidential information has been implemented according to the requirements set out in Instruction on Storage System for Audit Documentation and Other Confidential Information, upon decision №1 endorsed of 03.01.2012.

The professional responsibility of our company is insured by ALC “Insurance company “Alfa-Garant”, according to the Insurance Agreement 23/02-207-00239 dd. 27.10.2016.

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President – Ivankov Volodymyr Mykolayovych, auditor’s certificate № 005791 dd. 29.04.2004.

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