Tax cases

Well-being of citizens is not measured by the amounts of taxes levied, but by those relieved. However, it should be kept in mind that it is a prerogative of the state to decide who and how much to pay.

The peculiarities of conducting a business in Ukraine are that anyone can encounter the problem arisen due to non-payment of taxes. The tax legislation in Ukraine is regarded to be the most complicated in the world. Although the Tax Code of Ukraine was enacted in 2011, fiscal regulations and rules regularly undergo changes. Due to varied practice ensuing diverse interpretation of tax rules you are more likely to communicate with the tax authorities, what is rather annoying.

The team of our experienced tax advisers will help you sort out complexities of the fiscal law. We will contact with the fiscal authorities, handle tax issues and take away all the hassle.

Tax audit engagement

Perhaps no surprise (it is an open secret) that today the government and fiscal authorities do not ease up the tax burden put on entrepreneurs. Generally, the tax authorities continue the fight against illegal tax dodging. The tax regulations are becoming tougher. A number of tax audits have increased.

Those who have come across checks carried out by the tax authorities know what follows: tax amounts due, penalties and fines charged on any, sometimes formal, grounds.

Unfortunately, when making checks, the fiscal authorities are governed by the principle of taxpayer’s general intent meaning that the taxpayer has committed offence involving willful intent to.

It is worth noting that the tax audit is the most important stage when the evidentiary foundations are provided by the fiscal body. It is precisely the stage that necessitates the elaboration of the tactics in litigation to conduct a defense, and taking it into account during an audit check, or even to avoid litigation, if possible.  

Thus, an entrepreneur should seek an expert advice.

Our team of highly skilled lawyers, who have dealt with more than a dozen of tax issues successfully getting through tax audits, can offer you complete services. We’ll make the process hassle-free for you, so we will negotiate with tax officers, deal with tax issues following all legal formalities.

Our services cover:

  • advise on tax audit procedure;
  • on-site visit of a lawyer;
  • complete mediation services involving negotiation with tax authorities;
  • act on your behalf under a power of attorney during audits;
  • analyze audit findings and further prospects;
  • drafting and filing an appeal against the audit results.

Appeal of a decision or actions of tax authorities

In view of the audit findings, the fiscal authority issues a tax demand notice indicating the amount of taxes due to be paid within ten days. 

A taxpayer is liable to appeal a tax demand: to file it to a superior authority (the so called administrative appeal), to file an initial complaint, or through filing a claim with the administrative court (appeal a judicial decision).

Unfortunately, in practice, a superior tax body considering a complaint can hardly get to the roots of the problem, so makes rather formal decisions and refuses all and sundry to allow an appeal. Thus, we suggest our clients to apply a complex approach when appealing a decision made by a fiscal authority, and moreover, to do it step by step, with the court proceedings to follow only afterwards.

Moreover, the tax authorities cause troubles demanding to execute documents not subject to an appeal such as: reports on impossibility of reconciliation; reports on impossibility to trace the taxpayer’s actual address, etc. In this case, we can employ the methods to appeal against illegitimate actions of fiscal officers.

Summing up, we can provide you with the legal advice and counsel services to help protect your interests, when appealing against a judicial decision or actions of fiscal bodies.

Our lawyers and attorneys have won a dozen of tax court cases.

An array of services we offer:

  • advise on appeal process;
  • analysis of tax situation and prospects;
  • drafting and filing an initial complaint to the superior tax authority;
  • drafting and filing a legal action in the administrative court;
  • to represent you in courts at all levels, when appealing a judgment.

Complete management of tax evasion cases

Our field of expertise is fiscal issues, with scrutiny of all tax nuances.

It is common knowledge that in majority of cases to negotiate with the tax authorities is unpleasant, and it is often worth a lot.

The complexities inherent to tax disputes are mainly due to the fact that fiscal authorities have quite a number of instruments to influence taxpayers: starting from inquiries and checks up to a tax demand, seizure of accounts and bringing criminal proceedings.    

Appealing a tax decision is a complex task that means taking into account and tackling quite a number of problems such as:

  • financial and political situation in the country, the aftermath of which is taking in taxes at all costs, including abuse of taxpayers’ rights;
  • lawyers at fiscal bodies are obliged to appeal decisions made  by the administrative courts in favor of a taxpayer, up to filing a complaint to the Court of Appeal;
  • in case of a criminal proceeding  trying a tax evasion case, the scope of instruments the tax authorities can use to influence businesses (seizure of documents, searches, interrogations) enlarges, what makes the process of appealing a tax decision more complicated.

Obviously, one specialist should deal with a tax case from the very beginning up to you get it efficiently resolved.

With a proven track of record in handling tax matters, we offer you a wide range of legal advice and services to help solve tax evasion cases.

Our services include:

  • advise on disputable tax issues;
  • elaborate the tactics and strategy for negotiation with the tax authorities;
  • appeal a decision and actions of tax authorities (including a judicial decision);
  • conduct a criminal investigation in a tax evasion or tax avoidance case.