Accounting services

To organize accounting and tax reporting

This implies a set of tasks including the development of the company’s accounting policy with the structure of internal communications (exchange of information and/or documents) across units/sections/businesses, drawing up internal regulations and instructions (labour relations, governance issues, business processes, etc.), advice on most suitable taxes and, finally, building up the internal controls.

We pay attention to details, business specificity, client’s views and wishes.

Our services are needed if:

  • a company starts a new business or enters the Ukrainian market;
  • a company expands businesses;
  • managerial staff has been replaced.

Segment accounting

Maintenance of accounting records is one of the core businesses of our company. We can ensure smooth running of all accounting processes regardless of a type of business ownership, business activity and taxation applicable to your company. We seek to facilitate financial success of your company, help reduce and avoid fiscal risks. 

Main accountancy services centres are in Kyiv. However, administrative division and regional frontiers is not an obstacle to us, owing to the cutting-edge systems of electronic document management that allow reducing the time and distance as well as help provide finance and accounting outsourcing services to all companies in Ukraine regardless of their place of business or registration.

Small businesses can take an opportunity to get an access to our “collective brain”, they can be confident that their accounting and financial reporting will be compliant with all requirements of the legislation and best international practices.

We help big companies having various departments/units/businesses, different locations reduce salary costs for finance staff, speed up their work, ensure smooth handling of documentation and transparency in accounting, we are able to work independently and efficiently.

To perform the functions of a chief accountant

There are a few reasons for delegating the tasks a chief accountant does, for example:

  • if you hand over accounting and bookkeeping to an outsourcing company, sometimes it is unpractical to keep on managing accounting issues, including the signature right. It is more suitable to assign tasks to professionals: to make a financial analysis, to plan and manage accounting issues, as well as represent your interests in the tax authorities;
  • for a variety of reasons your company might not have a chief accountant, however, is willing to have a finance department. In this case our company can manage your finance staff.

With our company, you will be always confident in high competence and loyalty of the chief accountant.

Out professionals are responsible for providing proven expertise.

Reconstruction of accounting records

Sometimes a company can either lose a part of financial or accounting documents or its reports may not comply with the requirements of the legislation and/or contain errors, accounting records may be sometimes incomplete and not accurate, so to know who owes is impossible. In this case financial risks increase considerably. To prevent errors/avoid consequences as a result of irresponsibility, we offer our service to reconstruct accounting records.  

We offer:

  • to make  revision of all documents and processes related to accounting;
  • to restore the database, to prepare and file missing accounting or finance-related documents, to submit all required reports and report accounting changes and clarification;
  • to organize accounting and tax reporting.

Our office is always open. You can get contact details at any time. You can easily get in touch with us to arrange a meeting and commence mutually beneficial cooperation.