Forensic investigation

Forensic investigation – is the examination of tangible objects, evidences and processes carried out by an expert skilled in the art, which contain the information about facts in issue in the case considered at the pre-trial hearing or court proceedings. 

The documents that can provide a ground for conducting a forensic investigation in line with the current legislation are as follows: a claim form (resolution, decision) for forensic investigation drawn up by an authorized person (body) or written complaint filed by an injured or defending party to the criminal proceeding, which incorporates obligatory requisites, a list of questions put to an expert as well as objects of forensic research.     

Mostly, forensic science is applied to the cases covered by:

  • criminal law;
  • civil law;
  • administrative infraction proceedings;
  • customs law;
  • commercial law.

The financial forensic investigation allows making comprehensive and reasonable evaluation of all aspects of enterprise performance.

The financial forensic study helps clients assess:

  • the amount totalling equity shares to be paid to a stakeholder if the latter withdraws.
  • documentary proof of use of loan proceeds not for intended purpose.
  • documentary proof of underestimated income.
  • documentary evidence of accuracy of accounts as regards salary-related records, other payments.
  • documentary proof of underestimated income based on the tax inspection statement.
  • documentary proof that certifies the loan and interest have been paid off in full.

We do our best to ascertain and give impartial and true opinion about the enterprise performance, to reveal all facts and regularities, to evaluate their impact on performance highlights, to find hidden root causes entailing negative effects, and analyse tendencies and sources to improve the financial position.