Corporate legal services

Corporate law issues imply sharing of equity interests in a business. Along with exercising the right to control and manage the company, this vests the right to share the profits, obtain dividends, etc.

In its turn, exercise of rights implying sharing of equity interests (LLC, private enterprise, private joint-stock company, public joint-stock company, etc.) should be backed up by the documents duly drafted. Besides, in most cases the decisions are passed jointly by a few owners of the company.  

It’s better when host of important issues are handled by professionals that can help you decide on how to start a business, run and succeed in it, and perhaps, liquidate.

We can assist you in tackling these issues.

Registration/liquidation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

The services we offer also cover performing all formalities involved in the process of registration of any legal entity ownership, the companies ranged from a limited liability up to a public joint-stock one.

Surely, there are a lot of questions that can arise about forming a company, for example, what form of ownership best suits your business, what governance structure is the most appropriate, etc.

Moreover, we can draft and file requisite documents for registration of an entrepreneurial venture, and free you from formalities on business registration.

Alterations to incorporation documents

The most frequently asked questions are about how to change the business structure, which entails entering changes to the incorporation documents: re-arrangement or change in membership (share sale, withdrawal from membership, exclusion of a member, admission of a new member); change of location of the company; change of name; changes to improve corporate governance, etc.

We can prepare a necessary package of documents cutting out superfluous expenses and risks.

Our services include:

  • counsel on entering changes to the incorporation documents;
  • drafting and endorsement of the documentation;
  • filing documents to the registration bodies;
  • representing a client when registering a new version of incorporation documents.

Comprehensive financial and legal services to businesses

We offer a comprehensive suite of subscription legal services; their efficiency is achieved due to the strong team work and best possible match of each lawyer’s skills and expertise to the task assigned.

Services are provided pursuant to the agreement for legal subscription services. It is up to you to choose and decide on a scope of service and affordable costs.

An array of services we offer:

  • filing and negotiating claims, pre-trial dispute resolution;
  • legal advice and support when your company is undergone checks, appeal of a decision of the government authorities;
  • drafting agreements, letters, applications, proposals, minutes, claims and complaints;
  • comprehensive legislative counsel covering all types of legislation;
  • etc.

Getting permits/licenses

Though the government of Ukraine strives to re-shape the legal framework for entrepreneurship, there are still a lot of permits and licenses that a company needs to get.

The process of obtaining permits implies check of whether the company is capable to meet licensing requirements and criteria.

Given that in Ukraine there are numerous types and sub-types of permits, we can help you get a license for:

  • security guarding;
  • customs broker;
  • tour operator;
  • scrap metal collector or dealer;
  • trade in alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;
  • construction and architecture;
  • land management, land appraisal;
  • designing, assembly, maintenance of fire-protection systems;
  • to mediate job placement abroad;
  • to produce disks for laser reading systems;
  • precursor chemicals licenses, permits;
  • work permit for a foreign worker;
  • to register a loan agreement with the NBU;
  • NBU permit for investing abroad;
  • etc.

Contractual work

We offer comprehensive legal counsel services for businesses in contract matters, including negotiations with your counter agents, reaching understandings and arrangements, as well as drawing up of draft contracts, their conclusion and management.

Given that types of contracts vary, and most of them contain stipulations imposing different terms and conditions, we do not advise you to download template contracts and agreements from the Internet. In fact, a misplaced comma in a legal text can result in huge losses and cost implications, so it will be cheaper to consult an experienced lawyer.

Owing to the extensive experience of our attorneys, we take into account a minute detail and company’s specificity to settle all disputable issues for the client’s benefit.